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Soul Sisters
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Join us in the fight against pancreatic cancer!

There are friends, There is family and then there are Friends that become Family. No matter who you are Fran Samit considers you family. Sadly, she was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. On April 23, in Rye, NY we will do our part and all join her in the fight as we walk together in the 2017 Pancreatic Cancer Walk to raise funds to help find a cure for this disease.

You may not know that pancreatic cancer is the nationís fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, and that its low survival rate has not improved in 25 years.

We hope you can join us but if you can't that you will support us.

XOXO Her Soul Sisters

Team Members:
Total Raised$67,351.00  
General Team Donation$31,121.00  
Robin Abrutyn$206.00  
   Alexis Aberman$118.00  
   Amy Aberman$180.00  
   Michael Abrutyn$50.00  
   Felice AniksteinUndisclosed  
   Hillary Assael$118.00  
   Stephanie Auster$150.00  
   dara barad$118.00  
   Marci Bayer$118.00  
   Jeffrey Beja$225.00  
   Stacy Bergman$118.00  
   Elissa Berkman$368.00  
   Faith Berland$50.00  
   Mindy Berman$100.00  
   susan blake$325.00  
   Jane Borg$500.00  
   Emily Broitman$50.00  
   Karen Bruckner$50.00  
   Tara Buonanno$75.00  
   Amy Chernoff$50.00  
   Karen Chilewich$50.00  
   Sydney Chilewich$50.00  
   Ilana Cohen$100.00  
   ben conte$50.00  
   jonathan conte$50.00  
   Meredith Conte$2,000.00  
   olivia conte$50.00  
   Daryn Dusansky$180.00  
   Sharon Eder$168.00  
   Dylan Ertel$60.00  
   Mychal Ertel$118.00  
   Reese Ertel$50.00  
   Jill Faller$50.00  
   Jeffrey Feinerman$50.00  
   Laura Feinerman$50.00  
   Rachel Frankel$50.00  
   Nancy Friedberg$50.00  
   Shari Fruhling$118.00  
   Lisa Genicoff$50.00  
   Alexis gershuny$50.00  
   Stefanie Gershuny$200.00  
   Ella Gitler$50.00  
   Jodi Gitler$50.00  
   Sydney Glassman$50.00  
   Heidi Goldberg$50.00  
   Kim Goldberg$50.00  
   Vicki Goldberg$500.00  
   Dana Goldman$100.00  
   Jill Green$50.00  
   Lori Greenbaum$0.00  
   vanessa greenberg$118.00  
   Jessica Greene$50.00  
   Jill Greenspan$0.00  
   Beth Grotta$200.00  
   Stephanie Hand$1,566.00  
   Marci Hirshman$200.00  
   melissa horowitz$50.00  
   Annie Hughes$50.00  
   Melissa Jacobs$2,653.00  
   Stephanie Javorsky$50.00  
   Alyssa Juskowitz$100.00  
   Alyson Justman$75.00  
   Barrie Kaplan$50.00  
   Brett Kaplan$0.00  
   Daryn Kaplan$50.00  
   Jamie Kaplan$3,294.00  
   Marc Kaplan$50.00  
   Lisa Kent$50.00  
   Bonnie Klugman$250.00  
   Brooke Korfin$0.00  
   Ronda Korfin$0.00  
   Sandi Kornblum$50.00  
   Lisa Levine$50.00  
   Robert Levine$150.00  
   susan levy$500.00  
   Beth Lipson$236.00  
   Betsy Mackey$1,800.00  
   robin maizes$100.00  
   Jackie MarekUndisclosed  
   Amy Miller$150.00  
   Gina Minutillo$50.00  
   Derek Moore$50.00  
   liz naidrich$50.00  
   Pamela Pariser$1,509.00  
   Leeza Peltz$50.00  
   Myles Polizzi$50.00  
   Pamela Rabinowitz$100.00  
   stacy ray$0.00  
   Hallie Remnitz$200.00  
   Stacey Remnitz$50.00  
   Jonathan Rich$50.00  
   Mindy Rich$628.00  
   jason Riesel$50.00  
   Andrea Rosenberg$0.00  
   Rita Rosenthal$50.00  
   Carly Rosh$50.00  
   Jamie Rosh$50.00  
   Jessica Rosh$1,818.00  
   Sydney Rosh$50.00  
   Erinn Salaman$100.00  
   Joel Samit$250.00  
   Rise Samit$550.00  
   Kim Savage$380.00  
   Jessie Schachter$118.00  
   Meryl Schachter$50.00  
   Joy Schur$200.00  
   suzanne schuster$60.00  
   Talia Schuster$250.00  
   Jennifer Schwartz$118.00  
   Valerie Selig$50.00  
   Pamela Shapiro$200.00  
   Shari Simon Fox$118.00  
   Lori Singer$418.00  
   Karen Soler$50.00  
   Josh and Susan Spiegel$50.00  
   nicole stern$118.00  
   Melissa Tolchin$118.00  
   Lisa Unger$118.00  
   Lori Venturino$50.00  
   Meg Waxman$118.00  
   Jennifer Weiler$500.00  
   Elissa Weinhoff$4,358.00  
   Allison Weiss$2,950.00  
   Nadia Weiss$268.00  
   Jennifer Wohl$50.00  
   Hope Wolfe$0.00  

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